Village Safari Sri Lanka

So it’s lifetime opportunity to be emerged in the nature and culture of real Sri Lanka. Village tours operate in the Small Village Called Sigiriya, only about a few kilometers from the Sigiriya rock. You need to consult one of the Village Safari operators to arrange your Village Tour. Complete package includes a Bullock cart ride, Boat Ride, Visit a Village House, See a local Vegetable garden, have a local lunch and Take a Tuk-Tuk Ride.

Bullock Cart Ride
Usually this 02 hour trek begins with a Bullock Cart Ride to Sigiriya through unbeaten village tracks. There are 2 Bulls dragging the cart and ride last long from 20mins to 30mins. Rides ends near the Sigiriya Lake where you get off from the cart and join for Catamaran Boat ride. This is include in Village Safari Sri Lanka.

Catamaran Boat Ride
Catamaran Boat Ride takes place on the Sigiriya Lake. You will cruise admiring the amazing views besides the lake which is also overlooking the Sigiriya and Small rocks. If you are interested in, you can also join with the Boatman and help out rowing the boat. He might surprise you with his craftsmanship and creativity, hat for the gentleman and a beautiful necklace for the ladies. At the end of the Tour Boat will dock by the small village on the other side of the shore.

Village House & Lunch
You can observe traditional daily lives of a real village house. Should not miss a visit to the paddy field; See a garden where endemic vegetable grown. Climb the tree house next to the paddy field where farmers sleep at night and try to keep animals away from the paddy. You can enjoy a simple traditional meal prepared by a village woman the using the Farmer’s hand-picked vegetables from the plot. If time permits you can also see how a village woman cooks a traditional meal or a roti. After lunch there will be small presentation of how to make a roof out of coconut leaves and how to use kulla and mirisgala to separate rice seeds from the husks and straw. This is also include in Village Safari Sri Lanka.

Tuk Tuk Ride
Short Catamaran Ride back to the other banks of the lake. At the end of the village tour you will be taking a Tuk-Tuk ride few-miles back to the main road- Habarana.

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