Cycling in Sri Lanka
Cycling in Sri Lanka is a obsession of Some of the Tourists. There exist plenty of long-distance and short cycle tours throughout the country. However only few streets of the Colombo has a well-developed cycling infrastructure. Undoubtedly, the following five routes are among the best and top 5 Cycling Routes of Sri Lanka.
Cycling through ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa – Many visitors to north east of Sri Lanka find plenty to keep them entertained in this historic capital, Polonnaruwa. We couldn’t find a better way of visiting these cultural sites and ancient monuments than on a bicycle. If you are fancy in exploring the medieval capitals and rural villages hidden among the thick forests, you could dedicate one day to explore the ruins of Polonnaruwa ancient kingdom and yet another day to explore the villages. It is about 10 Km ride to cover all of the archeological sites in Polonnaruwa. After Polonnaruwa City tour cycling in The Sea of Parakrama Lake and explore countryside of the Polonnaruwa. Statue of King Parakramabahu, Gal Viharaya, Thuparamaya and the Vatadage are should not to be missed. Explore these ruins and get lost in the country’s magnificent and proud history. Learn about the inner workings of some of the best-preserved ancient architectural marvels in Sri Lanka and discover some of the country’s cultural roots with this comprehensive cycling tour.
Exploring Galle and Unawatuna – Inside the Galle fort is an easy place to be a bike tourist, if you want to explore around alone. And, once you’re travelling around, roads and many restaurants are bike-friendly. Unawatuna is well known for its sandy beaches and blue beaches but the nearby villages and countryside provide interesting cycling opportunities. The interesting feature in this cycle Tour is that, you could continue the trail to Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya in Unawatuna which offers you a considerable diversity taking you along on the main road to Unawatuna by the coastal line, then on the by roads, through small villages and paddy fields to the Magnificent Yatagala Temple. You could also further continue the Tour to the Jungle beach the best beach in our opinion which is unknown by many but must be known already.
Hill Country – Ramboda
Cycling tour through tea-growing highlands – There are plenty of bike trails to choose and explore in the Tea country. Start off near the Ramboda almost immediately come across a series of flat roads through tea estates, among breath-taking scenery of lakes, mountains and Ramboda falls from the distance.
Cycling Tour from Kitulgala to Belilena Caves – Belilena caves are known because of the skeletal remains were found of a lost generation dating back to 12,000 years. Ride to the Cave from Kitulgala is on an unbeaten road through the hills and vista of rubber plantation.
Cycling around the Kandy Lake – Kandy view point has one of the best city views in Sri Lanka. You could start your biking adventure after enjoying the city views from the Kandy view point that continues around Kandy Lake up to the Temple of Tooth Relic.

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