Arugambay is a bay situated on the Indian Ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka’s southeast coast. The bay is located 350 kilometres due east of Colombo, and approximately 4 kilometer south of the market town of Pottuvil. The main settlement in the area, known locally as Ullae, is predominantly Muslim; however there is a significant Tamil and Sinhala population to the south of the village, as well as a number of international migrants, largely from Europe and Australia. While traditionally fishing has dominated the local economy, tourism has grown rapidly in the area in recent years. Tourism in Arugambay is dominated by surf tourism, thanks to several quality breaks in the area; however tourists are also attracted by the local beaches, lagoons, historic temples and the nearby Kumana National ParK.
The Arugambay area is home to a number of quality surf breaks, the most popular of which being ‘Main Point’ located towards the south of the bay. This is a right hand point break, with a rock/reef bottom, and has a number of sections with occasional barrels. Other breaks in the area include Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point to the north, and Elephant Rock, Peanut Farm and Okanda to the south. These breaks have attracted a steady stream of international tourists for several decades.

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